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Check out the 2017 Liberty Lake Kiwanis Community Yard Sale this weekend!

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View the official guide for the2014 Liberty Lake Community Yard Sales
6/10/2014 12:58:46 PM

View the official guide for the Liberty Lake Community Yard Sales

Download a PDF of the Official Guide (9.12MB)

The event is this Saturday, June 14 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Welcome to the sales!
Q&A for shoppers

Welcome to the 21st annual Liberty Lake Community Yard Sales, where more than 250 registered private sales and 30 commercial vendors await you!

The official guide (see links above) includes individual descriptions of all of these sales and pinpoints them on a community map. First, here is a quick Q&A to get you pointed in the right directions for this year's event. 

Q. OK, so I can see on the map where I want to start my shopping. What should I be looking out for as far as traffic and parking?

A. It really depends upon where you are headed, but in most cases you should be prepared to find legal parking along the perimeter of the neighborhood and then travel the rest of the way as a pedestrian. In areas with heavily clustered sales, driving directly to a home will likely have you feeling like Capitol Hill - perpetually in gridlock.  

One terrific launching point is the Liberty Lake Portal building at Mission and Molter. It includes lots of parking, and a free shuttle will leave the Portal every 30 minutes or so and make a circle that includes four stops throughout the community. (For more on the shuttle route, see the map on page 4 of the guide.) The shuttle includes a trailer to help you haul your treasures.

That being said, your two legs may prove to be as able transportation devices as any. There are sales in virtually every Liberty Lake neighborhood, and walking has the added perk of being difficult to get stuck in traffic.

Q. Are there areas I shouldn't park?

A. Yes, and you're going to have to use some common sense on this one and obey general parking and traffic laws. For instance, do not park in bike lanes, in front of fire hydrants, in intersections or blocking driveways.

Members of the Liberty Lake Police Department bicycle patrol and volunteers from Liberty Lake SCOPE will be canvassing the event to help enforce the law while assisting with traffic flow and any public safety concerns. The on-duty phone number for the Liberty Lake Police Department is 509-218-4899. 

Q. Where do I go if I have a question or an emergency? 

A. As always, dial 911 in an emergency.  

For general questions or lost and found, head to Pavillion Park and visit the organizers of the event, the Liberty Lake Kiwanis. They are manning an information booth along Settler Drive amidst the other vendors.

Q. Pavillion Park? Why do you keep mentioning that place, and what's with the Middle English spelling?

A. Very astute observation. Pavillion Park takes its name - and spelling - from the old Dance Pavillion that once attracted bands and merrymakers to the community and that was actually located on Liberty Lake itself. The "pavilion" structure at the modern-day park was designed after this original.

Pavillion Park has relevance today as the hub of this event, with information, sales and dozens of commercial vendors.

Q. What else is happening in Liberty Lake today? 

A. Great question. The event corresponds with the Liberty Lake Farmers Market, which runs each Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Look for it on Meadowwood Lane (it's also on the map on page 4 of the guide). The Liberty Lake business community is also nearby with several restaurants and stores to fill your needs. 

Of course, be sure to visit Liberty Lake all summer, whether it's to attend the Sammy Eubanks Fourth of July concert or the Labor Day weekend Spokane Symphony concert at Pavillion Park - or anytime to play a few of the community's 45 holes of golf. 

Thanks for visiting Liberty Lake!

So you're having a sale ...
Q&A for sellers

The time has come. Thousands of people are descending on your community looking for treasures, and you have a few things you wouldn't mind parting ways with. As Garth Algar put it, "It's almost too easy!" 

Thank goodness for the annual Liberty Lake Community Yard Sales, right? 

Q. What?!? The annual Yard Sales are this Saturday? I totally spaced it with all of this nice weather. Is it too late to participate?

A. If you're reading this and the event's not over, then the answer is "no." But it's important to register. Thousands of people didn't come to this community because you decided to hit your garage door opener and put a few items in the driveway, so please support the future of this event and the great community service organization that spends countless hours making it possible, the Kiwanis Club of Liberty Lake.

The cost to register is a mere $10, and the online registration link at will still be up through the weekend of the sale. Your contribution helps with supporting the future of this event, and any proceeds are put right back into the community in the form of scholarships and other youth programs. 

Q. Perfect. I'm in. Anything I may think is OK but really shouldn't do? 

A. For one thing, selling food isn't as easy as firing up a barbecue and putting up a sign. There are county regulations that apply, and health inspectors have attended past events. Also, public officials discourage you from inviting random shoppers into your home for any reason. There are public restrooms available throughout the community (see maps throughout the guide to point people in the right direction). 

Q. When the event is over, are there arrangements for me to donate the things I didn't sell? 

A. Definitely. The Kiwanis Club has arranged for a truck from a local charity, ARC of Spokane, to go up and down Liberty Lake streets on Monday and Tuesday (be particularly careful to distinguish your charity items on trash day and mark them for "ARC"). If your items are somehow missed, call ARC at 328-6326. If you live in an apartment and cannot bring the items downstairs or you need extra help, email No large items, please.

If you can't get rid of the items fast enough, Habitat for Humanity will be manning a donation site at Pumphouse Park the day of the event from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. These are the only hours this service will be available, so please do not unlawfully dump anything at the park - or anywhere else - after 4 p.m. Saturday. Instead, mark it for the ARC trucks coming Monday and Tuesday.

Q. This is a great event. How can I make sure it continues for another 21 years? 

A. First off, participate as an official sale. It's $10, and the event must be supported to keep the tireless volunteers from tiring. 

Second, don't trash the town. See the previous question for proper methods of disposing items that don't sell. 

Finally, give us your feedback. Do you have questions or suggestions for next year's event? Email or talk to your favorite neighborhood Kiwanian.