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4/28/2014 8:27:31 AM

4/1 Liberty Lake Women's 18-Hole Club
Medal Play      
A Flight: Michelle Knowles, 78
B Flight: Leslie Sevigney, 78
C Flight: Kimber Mayher, 83

4/2 MeadowWood Women's Club
Count your putts
Sharon Schoen, 31; Lynnette Heidenreich, 32; Sue Meyer, 32; Bette Harmon, 32

4/8 Liberty Lake 9-Hole Club
Flight A: Low gross, Robin McKee, 44; Net, Arla Beck, 36
Flight B: Low gross, Kathy Camyn, 57; Net, Shirley Schoenberger, 35
Flight C: Low gross, Emma Long, 66; Net, Pat Rider, 43
No Handicap: Low gross, Marylou Nowels, 58

4/8 Liberty Lake Ladies Club 
"Ts and Fs" Less Ĺ Handicap
 A Flight: Cheryl Hull, 39
 B Flight: Chrissie Tamura, 45
 C & D Flight: Marilee Codd, 46

4/9 MeadowWood Women's 18-Hole Club 
Medal Play
Gross winners: Sue Lightfoot, 81; Jackie Babin, 82
Net winners: Sue Meyer, 70; Sharon Schoen, 71; Patsy Lynn, 72

4/15 Liberty Lake Women's Club
Liberty Cup and Putting
Low Net: Chrissie Tamura, 71
Putting: Jackie Babin, 28 putts; Ann Eure,31 putts

4/16 MeadowWood Women's Club
Best Nine Less Ĺ Handicap
Jackie Babin, 33.5; Sandy McLaughin, 35; Sharon Schoen, 35; Sue Meyer, 36