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Letter to the Editor
1/29/2014 9:55:47 AM

Vandalism along unlit stretch a concern
I am concerned about the lack of lighting along County Vista Drive. In darkness, the thugs go unnoticed, and they've been busy.

After being gone for two days over Thanksgiving, I returned to find the fence that separates my back yard from the walking path along Country Vista had been vandalized. The evidence was both inside and outside the fence. It looked to me like a broken section of concrete chimney flue liner or other concrete flat pre-formed product had been thrown against the very brittle vinyl fence, breaking a couple of the uprights and dislodging a few more. 

I called the local police department and left a message about the incident. I also sent an email to property management asking them to arrange for repair. 

A couple of weeks later, I noticed my neighbor's fence had many displaced uprights, but no left behind objects of destruction. Probably just kicked out this time.

Then, returning from a few days away over Christmas, I take a walk around the block and discover purple spray paint "tag" type graffiti on the fence. Why my section of fence? Well, there are no houses directly across the road, just a large common area that backs up to Country Vista on the other side of the street, and it is very dark back there at night as there are no street lights on this section of road.

Who are these people who find a need to destruct property? And from the looks of the spray paint job, whoever is doing this has had some practice. Do they live here, or just come to Liberty Lake to mess things up?


Shary Blinzler
Liberty Lake