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Josh, Zak and Bekah Johnson finish up a friendly round at Trailhead Golf Course.

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Brother Zakís guide to LLís 45 holes of golf

By Josh Johnson
Splash Staff Column

Last month, I set aside time to play all 45 holes of golf in Liberty Lake.
I'm a terrible golfer, so I was reminded once again why golf is such a wonderful game. It doesn't matter how bad you are if you are playing with people you love and/or people who have a sense of humor.  

I got to play Liberty Lake Golf Course with two of my uncles and longtime Liberty Lake residents, Bill Hughes and Cash McCall. Uncle Bill played the course the year it opened and enjoyed season's passes throughout his childhood. 

At Trailhead, I got to play "third wheel" to my brother Zak and his wife, Bekah. What's worse, we played on their anniversary.  Zak has played a lot more golf than me over the years, so I asked him to breakdown memories and tips from some of his favorite holes. Here's Zak:

Measuring a birdie putt at the short, but beautiful finishing hole at Liberty Lake Golf Course.

Liberty Lake Golf Course
No. 2: Once made it from 153 yards out.
No. 8: Trap, giant tree, trap. This green is well protected.
No. 9: Pay attention to where your ball is, because You'll have to check 5 or 6 range balls before you find the right one.
No. 13: Hope you're on the right side of this two-tier green.
No. 15: Shank from Uncle Bill leaves a honey comb bruise on my leg.

Looking back at the 16th green and several holes before it form the 17th teebox at MeadowWood Golf Course.

MeadowWood Golf Course
No. 3: Iconic. Love the look and feel of playing this hole.
No. 5: The trap in from of the green always asks for the challenge of sticking it.
No. 7: Hmmm, if I can just drive it over that trap ...
No. 10: I'm always wanting to use my driver and hit it over the water, not because it's smart or that it would give me that much better shot at the green. Simply because, um ... well, just because. 
No. 16: Memorable because it's the longest hole ever. It's like driving through Montana. You just keep going.
No. 18: It's like playing golf from a helicopter. I love the god-like feeling you get standing above the rest of the course before you hit.

Considering an approach into the 9th green at Trailhead Golf Course.

Trailhead Golf Course
No. 4: Makes me feel like I finally am getting out of the weeds that I've been stuck in for the past three holes 
No. 9: Objective is to get on the green in one shot. I know it can be done, but even with a half-dozen mulligans per round, the green avoids me.

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