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Letters to the Editor
8/22/2012 9:50:21 AM

Happy 85th, Roger Cady! 
Editor's note: The following poem was penned by Mary Cady in honor of Liberty Lake resident Roger Cady's 85th birthday on Friday. Cady was born Aug. 24, 1927.

His windshield is cracked, the radiator leaks,

Can't buckle his fan belt and walks with a squeak.

Rattles up front and drags in the rear,

Uses a cane for the steering gear.


Coils are rusting, plugs often misfire,

Too many patches on that one spare tire.

In cold weather his joints get creaky,

Traffic on weekends is way too freaky.

He won't see the doc for any new tools,

But rather uses his own set of rules.

He'd enjoy your call, from far or near,

And the phone is always by his ear. 

                                                                     Mary Cady
                                                                     Liberty Lake

Thanks to the many who made bicycle event a success
The Baddlands Cycling Team thanks our River District neighbors, the city of Liberty Lake, Greenstone Homes, Home Depot and out local first responders for supporting the fifth annual River District Criterium bicycle race held on Aug. 14. 

Greenstone organized the kids' race registration and provided public relations, organizational support, street cleaning and Extreme Science with Radical Rick.

Home Depot lent us the barriers to protect racers from trees and other hazards along the course.

Fulfilling its mission to keep Liberty Lake connected, The Splash did a wonderful job publicizing our event.

We could not race without our course marshals, who serve to keep the racers safe Thanks to Tom Specht and the Baddlands club volunteers.  

Most of all, we want to thank the residents of the River District for allowing us to use their streets and Half Moon Park. While the racers appreciated the spectator encouragement on this challenging course, I want to offer a special thanks to those neighbors who provided ice and other support for racers that fell in the second race.

We hope to see you again next year. 

                                                                     Mark Bitz
                                                                     Baddlands Cycling Team