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Splash photo by Tammy Kimberley

Sam Martin shows off his script from “Goldilocks and the Three Pigs.” He has the role of Fuzzy the Pig in the play, which runs through Aug. 2 at Liberty Lake Community Theatre.

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In the August Wave: Stepping onto the stage; Sweet-looking designs
7/30/2014 8:22:33 AM

By Tammy Kimberley
Splash Staff Writer

Even though he's been playing the piano for less than two years, Sam Martin was fearless enough to showcase his skills during Liberty Lake Community Theatre's talent show in May. 

His bravery paid off. 

After playing the "Star Wars" main theme, Sam said he was "in awe" when the audience selected him as first-place winner of the kids division in the inaugural event.  

"I had been practicing it as part of my piano lessons," he said. "I knew it would be a familiar tune, a song that pretty much everyone knows."

His sister, Erin, also received inspiration from a movie by singing "Let It Go" from the popular movie "Frozen" in the talent show. Audience members voted on which act they thought deserved first place, with Sam coming up the winner. 

"It was fun but very nerve-wracking," he said. "There were a lot more people than what I thought would be there."

Joan Peters, Sam's current piano instructor, said his positive attitude and willingness to perfect his skills has helped him progress quite quickly and gain confidence in playing piano. 

"Sam really enjoys music and he is very focused and willing to do whatever it takes to learn how to play the piano," Joan said. 

Learning music does wonders for the brain as well as our moods, she said, as it can relieve stress and sharpens skills in all areas of life. Playing piano is an outlet for Sam and other kids to express themselves, she added.

"Music is perfect for the mind, the body and the soul," she said. "No matter what age, music should be a part of everyone's lives."

Sam is trying his hand at something new this summer - theater. He said he was bribed by his mom into trying out for the Liberty Lake Community Theatre summer production with a Diary Queen treat. He was surprised to receive the part of Fuzzy the Pig, a character whom Sam described as "king of the nerds" complete with big glasses, a button-up shirts and a bow tie. 

The play "Goldilocks and The Three Pigs" is performing until August 2 at Liberty Lake Community Theatre, 22910 E. Appleway Ave. The energetic children's play involves popular storybook characters and is full of adventure to entertain all ages. 

While his sister Erin had always wanted to be on stage (and is also involved in this production), Sam tended to be more quiet and shy. Up until this production, Sam's past acting experience had been the role of Bumble the bee in the "Save the Plants" second-grade play and attending a CYT camp last summer.

So it surprised his parents when they found he also was comfortable performing on stage. 

"Sam came out of his shell when he tried it," Sarah Martin, Sam's mom, said. "They've found a lot of fun and happiness in their theater world that I would have never imagined. It's important for kids to be in a variety of things outside of sports. It develops their creativity in so many different ways."

Sam shared some advice with other kids who may not be naturally bold but are interested in trying something new. 

"Even though you may be shy, once you get started your shyness just floats away," he said.

For more on "Goldilocks and The Three Pigs," read The Splash story here or go to www.libertylaketheatre.com.

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Sweet-looking design
Wave rewards winner of summer contest

In the July issue, The Wave offered a coloring contest where kids were asked to artistically decorate an ice cream cone. Our judges selected Kate Spinden's ice cream creation as first prize in the contest. For her prize, 9-year-old Kate was awarded a $10 gift card to an ice cream place of her choosing.

We appreciate all the kids who took the time to create delicious-looking treats. Be on the lookout for more contests in future issues of The Wave!


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