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6/26/2014 1:16:37 PM

5/19 Spokane Valley Women's Evening League
Flight A: Gross, Diane Perry, 49; Net, Robyn Sciuchetti, 41
Flight B: Gross, Sammie Fletcher, 60; Net, Kristi Peplinski, 43
Flight C: Gross, Colleen Lynn, 61; Net, Barb Byington, 46
Flight D: Gross, Nancy Moore
No Handicap: Renee Bordelon, 54
Chip in and birdie #6: Caroline Wyatt 

5/22 Liberty Lake Women's 9-Hole Club
First flight: Low gross, Linda Church, 49; Low net, Roxy Powell, 37 
Second flight: Low gross, Kathy Camyn, 54; Low net, Deanna Hauser, 35
Third flight: Low gross, Anne Armstrong, 62; Low net, Luana Hager, 40 

5/27 Liberty Lake Women's Club
Game:  Count points for golf balls hit in the water, out of bounds, in the sand, trees and three putts; fewest number of points wins.
A Flight: Joyce Skidmore, Gisue Peters and Patsy Lynn, 5 points
B Flight: Chrissy Tamura, 2 points
C Flight: Gloria Cash, 3 points
D Flight: Linda Strom, 3 points

5/28 MeadowWood Women's Club
Game: Beat the Pro, Nick Knight
In a large turnout the following players beat the pro: Patsy Lynn, Sharon Schoen, Carol Schultz, Gisue Peters, Joyce Skidmore, Lee Sonderman, Marie Nelson, Jackie Babin, Leslie Sevigney and Cheryl Hull

5/29 Liberty Lake Women's 9-Hole Club
First flight: Low gross, Robin McKee, 46; Chip in and Birdie  #7; Low net, Bette Devine, 41
Second flight: Low gross, Vickie James, 60; Low net, Sadie Rueckert, 41
Third flight: Low gross, Margaret Chesley, 62; Low net, Luana Hager, 40

6/2 Spokane Valley Women's Golf League
Flight A: Gross, Caroline Wyatt, 44; Net, Robyn Sciuchetti and Marie Neumayer, 36
Flight B: Gross, Mary Ellen Wall, 53; Net, Kathleen Burns and Kristi Peplinski, 40
Flight C: Gross, Diane Rudnick, 55; Net, Colleen Lynn and Barb Byington, 38
Flight D: Gross, Terri McDaniel, 72; Net, Jean Hauer, 44
No Handicap: Laurie Stewart, 49
Chip ins: Diane Perry, hole #5; Renee Bordelon, hole #8
Team best ball winners with 40: Robyn Sciuchetti, Sandy Nowaski, Caroline Wyatt, Diane Perry

6/3 Liberty Lake Women's Club
Liberty Cup and Putting
Liberty Cup overall winner: Gloria Cash, net 67
A Flight: Tamera Felton, 30 putts
B Flight: Chrissie Tamura, 34 putts
C Flight: Margie Tibbits, 33 putts
D Flight: Coleen Wisenor, 37 putts

6/4 MeadowWood Women's Club
Even holes, less one-half handicap
First place: Lee Sonderman, 35 net
Second place (tie): Patsy Lynn, Joy Nicholson, Jackie Babin, 35.5 net

6/5 Winners Liberty Lake 9-Hole Club
First Flight: Low gross, Linda Church, 45; Low net, Bette Devine and Arla Beck, 33
Arla Beck & Robin McKee had Birdies on #16; Bette Devine had a Birdie on #17
Second Flight: Low gross, Kathy Camyn, 57; Low net, Shirley Schoenberger, 35
Third flight: Low gross, Luana Hager, 60; Low net, Anne Armstrong, 36

6/9 Spokane Valley Women's Evening League
Flight A: Gross, Caroline Wyatt, 49; Net, Dorene Meltingtallow, 34
Flight B: Gross, Sammie Fletcher, 60; Net, Kristi Pepliski, 43
Flight C: Gross, Barb Byington, 64; Net, Colleen Lynn, 50
Flight D: Gross, Jean Hauer, 78; Net, Terri Mc Daniel and Nancy Moore, 54
No Handicap: Karen Burrington, 54
Chip in: Margaret Rodgers
Closest to the pin: Barb Byington

6/10 Liberty Lake Women's Club
Game: Best nine holes minus half handicap
A Flight: Jackie Babin, 32.5; Tamara Felton, 34.5
B Flight: Honey Conlon, 37
C Flight: Lee Sonderman, 32; Elsa Metting and Marilee Codd, 34
D Flight: Coleen Wisenor, 35.5

6/11 MeadowWood Women's Club
Game:  Beat the Pro, Chris Curran (72)
The following players beat the Pro:  Patsy Lynn, Carol Alboucq, Lee Sonderman, Leslie Sevigney, Sue Meyer, Michele Knowles, Susan Oberlink and Jackie Babin

6/12 Liberty Lake 9-Hole Club
1st Flight: Gross, Judy Cameron and Robin McKee, 49; Net, MaryAnn Grannell, 37
2nd Flight: Gross, Kathy Camyn and Deanna Hauser, 58; Net, Barb Midkiff, 42
3rd Flight: Gross, Pat Reiter, 65; Net, Luana Hager, 38
No Handicap: Gross, Judee Fowler, 63

6/16 Spokane Valley Women's League
Flight A: Gross, Caroline Wyatt, 45; Net, Marie Neumayer, 37
Flight B: Gross, Lynn Jones, 52; Net, Kathleen Burns, 35
Flight C: Gross, Barb Byington, 59; Net, Mary Hager, 38
Flight D: Gross, Teri McDaniel, 67; Net, Nancy Moore, 56
No Handicap: Kay Riplinger, 58
Flight A: Caroline Wyatt, 14
Flight B: Evanlene Meltingtallow, 17
Flight C: Mary Hager, 20
Flight D: Nancy Moore, 22
No Handicap: Kay Riplinger, 19

6/18 MeadowWood Women's Club
Game: Odd Holes less one-half handicap
First: Michelle Knowles, 31
Second: Jackie Babin, 33
Third: Patsy Lynn, 33.5


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