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Letters to the Editor
9/5/2012 9:23:03 AM

City should fund infrastructure
Another summer is ending with city administration pleased over the success of the diverse free entertainment events. 

As I suspect they will argue these events are covered by whatever benefactor revenue sources, I still believe that city tax revenues subsidize associated costs. As outsiders benefit from these activities, I wonder why my taxes, especially the utility tax, should cover any of these costs whatsoever? 

Instead, I have witnessed another summer come and go where critically needed street repairs in Liberty Heights, on Sprague Avenue and elsewhere haven't been addressed. I think it is time for the city to get away from making Liberty Lake the playground for the Inland Empire and get back to what a city administration should be doing in the first place.

Doug Pullen
Liberty Lake

Developer let off hook with Council action
The Aug. 23 Splash report on the Valleyway sidewalk, "City to finish Valleyway sidewalk this season," is incorrect. No action by the city regarding condition 22 of the Bella Lago development was taken after the revision allowing Bella Lago "at its own election, to install ‘either curbing and a six (6) foot wide sidewalk or a ten (10) foot wide pathway, as required by the City Engineer, to provide a pedestrian connection … for a distance of approximately 915 feet.'"

The city in 2009 did not act on Bella's Lago's obligation being east or west of the street, and there was no exchange of Bella Lago's obligation for the grant-funded sidewalk.


The City Council action last week is not in keeping with the requirements of condition 22. To the contrary, it releases Bella Lago from its letter of credit; releases it from its frontage improvements; and reduces the amount of its obligation from approximately $215,000 to $15,000.

The city can vote on this change, relieve the developer of obligations, put money in the developer's pocket; but history should record the facts and not a glossed-over version of events.

Mary L. Munger
Liberty Lake

Reach out to loved ones and honor Suicide Prevention Day 
I write this with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes. On May 6 of this year, I lost my brother to suicide. He was a very successful 46-year-old man. He was in the United States Air Force, went on to work for Boeing and then began his career for Southwest Airlines. He was married for more than 20 years, and from the outside looking in had it all together. What an amazing man. I loved my brother with every ounce of my being. 

Our childhood tells a very different story, though, which ultimately was my brother's downfall. He never got the love, affection or approval that a child, even adults, long for. 

It's very uncomfortable for me to sit and write this as I am normally a very private person, but I want to send a message. Parents, please, please love and praise your children. It is the very thing they need! It is the biggest gift you could ever give them. I beg each and every parent to grab their kids no matter what age and tell them how proud you are to be their parent and how very much you love them. Our children are precious. No matter their choices they are our gifts, and we should treat them as such. 

I am heartbroken beyond words, and so are the 250 people who were at his service (a big thank you to Southwest Airlines) in Dallas. He touched so many people's lives and will live on in all of our hearts forever. 

Sept. 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day, and I ask all of you who are reading this to light a candle that evening and place it in your window to acknowledge those we've lost and the friends and families who are grieving and forever changed. Every 14.2 minutes, someone dies by suicide. The effects of suicide on those left behind are devastating. 

If you know someone who is struggling, reach out and be there in any way you can. We can make a difference. 

Until we meet again ... Steven Alan Ausman, 5-6-2012.

Melissa Quaintance
Liberty Lake

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