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Check out the 2017 Liberty Lake Kiwanis Community Yard Sale this weekend!

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View the Official Guide for the Liberty Lake Community Yard Sales
6/8/2011 12:08:00 PM

View the Official Guide for the Liberty Lake Community Yard Sales

Download a PDF of the Official Guide (7.26MB)

The event is this Saturday, June 11 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In 18 years, the Liberty Lake Community Yard Sales has grown from a two-neighborhood sale to a highly anticipated, community-wide event. Visitors from New York to Alaska schedule trips around this celebration of community, camaraderie and that treasured bargain.

Click the link above to check out the complete listings and locations for the 178 registered homes in this year's event. But wait! While we know you're looking forward to scouting out the sales, we've loaded up this page with frequently asked questions for shoppers and sellers.

Looking forward to seeing you around town!


OK, so I can see on the map where I want to start my shopping. What should I be looking out for as far as traffic and parking?

It really depends upon where you are headed, but in most cases you should be prepared to find legal parking along the perimeter of the neighborhood and then travel the rest of the way as a pedestrian. In areas with heavily clustered sales, driving directly to a home will likely have you experiencing the closest Liberty Lake ever comes to resembling Manhattan at rush hour - stop and go, not a lot of parking.

Are there areas we shouldn't park?

Yes, and you're going to have to use some common sense on this one and obey general parking and traffic laws. For instance, do not park in bike lanes, in front of fire hydrants, in intersections or blocking driveways. Members of the Liberty Lake Police Department and volunteers from Liberty Lake SCOPE will be canvassing the event to help enforce the law while assisting with traffic flow and any public safety concerns.

Where do I go if I have a question or an emergency?

As always, dial 911 in an emergency. For general questions or lost and found information, head to Pavillion Park in the center of the community (see map on page 4 of the event guide) and visit the organizers of the event, the Liberty Lake Kiwanis.

What else is at Pavillion Park?

Several food options and other vendors will be in the park (see list on page 4 of the event guide), as well as restrooms and a place to play or relax.

Other than the sales, is there anything else to see or do in the community?

Definitely! The event corresponds with the Liberty Lake Farmers Market, which runs each Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Look for it on Meadowwood Lane (it's on the maps on pages 4 and 6 of the event guide). The Liberty Lake business community is also nearby with several restaurants and stores to fill your needs. Of course, be sure to visit Liberty Lake all summer. Events and destinations of all shapes and sizes can be found at www.golibertylake.com.

What?!? The annual Yard Sales are this Saturday? Is it too late to participate?

If you're reading this and the event's not over, then the answer is "no." But it's important to register. Thousands of people didn't come to this community because you decided to hit your garage door opener, so please support the future of this event and the great community service organization that spends countless hours making it possible, the Kiwanis Club of Liberty Lake. The cost to register is a mere $10, and the online registration link at www.libertylakesplash.com/yardsales will still be up through the day of the sale.

OK, I'm in. Now what am I forgetting? 

We know the feeling. There's no end of preparations to be made to pull off a great sale (check out just a few tips located at the end of the Map A listings on page 5 of the event guide). One thing to keep in mind is to not wait until the last minute to have adequate cash on hand. Some local banks and credit unions have been overwhelmed with the demand leading up to past sales. Our advice: Do this well prior to Saturday morning, and call first.

How do I stave off the early birds while I'm trying to set up my sale?

People will come before Saturday at 8 a.m., and some even like to make Friday scouting visits. Some sellers don't mind these early prospects, but if that's not you consider a couple options. First, a polite decline usually is respected. If you want to make the message more noticeable, check out www.libertylakesplash.com/yardsales/printable_signs.asp. Longtime Liberty Lake resident Lonnie Castillo was kind enough to share with The Splash a sign concept he developed for the sales a few years back. Three versions of the sign -- all with the header, "Be Kind" - help give friendly messages to visitors about blocking driveways, obeying traffic laws or not shopping early. Post the sign in a window or mount it and bring it outside.

Anything I may think is OK but really shouldn't do?

For one thing, selling food isn't as easy as firing up a barbecue and putting up a sign. There are county regulations that apply, and health inspectors have attended past events. Also, public officials discourage you from inviting random shoppers into your home for any reason. There are public restrooms available throughout the community (see maps throughout the event guide to point people in the right direction).

When the event is over, are there arrangements for me to donate the things I didn't sell?

Definitely. The Kiwanis Club has arranged for a truck from a local charity, ARC of Spokane, to go up and down Liberty Lake streets on Monday. As this is now also Liberty Lake's garbage pick-up day, please be particularly careful to distinguish your charity items. If your items are somehow missed, call ARC at 328-6326, and another truck will be sent out on Wednesday.

I've got more questions. Who can I contact?

Scott Draper is helming the event for the Kiwanis Club this year. He is not only interested in your questions, but your suggestions for 2012. E-mail him at scott.draper@edwardjones.com.

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