October 23, 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Snowman ruined by thoughtless person
What a pleasant surprise for my son to wake up the morning of Jan. 6, which was also his fourth birthday, and find that we had snow from the night before.

He was so excited he built his first snowman with his daddy. He put some effort into this, and it was as tall as he was. He was very proud of his work.

The next day we picked our son up from daycare after work and headed home. My son was devastated when he saw that someone had kicked over his snowman. Near tears, he was asking us why people would be so mean and why they would pick on his snowman when it was in his yard.

We explained that it must have been an accident, although we know that it was no accident, since we could see the footprints in our yard that had not been there before. So, to you kids that get off the bus near the post office, please keep your feet to yourself and stay off your neighbors' yards.

If you want to kick snow, do it in your own yard. Or better yet, spend the time building a snowman in your yard, and then kick it all you want.


Kimberly Griego
Liberty Lake

Bond support needed to expand library
As a member of the Friends of the Liberty Lake Municipal Library and board member, I am very concerned about our current library situation.

Our library, at present, is only 3,200 square feet. According to surveys from different library and government standards on "levels of services," our library should be at least 7,000 square feet for our patrons based on the city's population.

There is simply no more room. Books are being put in the basement of the Greenstone building in storage to make space for newer books. There is no more room at the public library for public computers. Although we would like to think every household has a computer, many do not. With an increased interest in genealogy research, online courses at community colleges and e-mail, we need to provide access to computers for our patrons in the area. 

The library rent is rising by about 30 percent this fiscal year. There is no meeting space if the public wanted to use the facility for a speaker, educational programs, book clubs, or young adult activities for instance.  If you want to relax and browse at our library there is one table to be shared by all. There is no room to study or read. We are at the maximum with the resources we presently have for the Liberty Lake Library.

The truth is that the Liberty Lake community needs a newer and bigger library. To obtain this new facility, Liberty Lake voters need to support a bond so that it can be built in a timely manner with today's dollars, before inflation makes it more difficult for us, the taxpayers. We need your support.

Please come to a citizen's committee meeting on Jan. 24 at the Denny Ashlock Building, 22510 E. Mission Ave., beginning at 7 p.m. We will talk about a bond committee and raising money via a bond for our much needed library and community center in downtown Liberty Lake.

Our city is a great place to live, and our library needs our support.

H. Jack Smith
Liberty Lake

Neighbor always looking out for others
We are residents of the senior mobile home park at Sandy Beach. As such, we nominate our neighbor, Dan Wheldon, as a good, good neighbor. There are many reasons this is being offered.

First and foremost, he constantly pays attention to the needs of his neighbors. Not once during this snow season has he failed to help his neighbors by shoveling a walkway and clearing their carports with his snowblower. He will not accept any financial support and does it all at his expense.

Annually, he and his wife, Dee, have hosted a great neighbor Christmas party. And should anyone be ill, they will visit that person to offer comfort, etc. They are a Dan-Dee couple.

We sincerely hope you will recognize this good neighbor.

Bert Lindgren, Lois J. Molter and Fran Mann
Liberty Lake

Walgreens structure not responsible planning
Why are they building the Walgreens store so close to Liberty Lake Drive? Why does the city have height restrictions on signs constructed within the city limits?

Most likely, so they are not the first thing you see driving down the main street in the city. So better yet, let's place a tall block building right on the main street instead. This is worse than any oversized sign. Could the building have been placed any closer to the street? There are required building setbacks in the city, but what about easements and right-of-way requirements?

It would be interesting to know what the requirements are and how they were met so that this building could be built so close to the road and right on the corner of one of our most visible and busy intersections. Even if all the requirements were met, where is the individual project discretion of our city employees and city planning department? What were they thinking?

However, I am anxious for the drug store to be nice and close; I just wish it wasn't so close to the corner.

Dale Flambouras
Liberty Lake

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