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Bert Lindgren, 1913-2009
Josh - 6/13/2009

Bert Lindgren spent more than a third of his life as a Liberty Lake resident, more than half as a member of the board of directors of the American Bowling Congress and all 95 years, 9 months of it with a magnetic personality that quickly made friends of strangers and mined smiles and laughter out of the heavy lifting of life. 

The man who referred to his neighbors Dan and Dee Wheldon as a "Dan-Dee couple" died Thursday, and clearly he helped prepare the headline for his obituary: "Bowler Bert" Lindgren STRIKES OUT

He once told me he had been "one ball away" from a perfect game in bowling, finishing with a 289. Truly, his was a life with few gutter balls where, more often than not, he picked up the spare. Liberty Lake -- from his friends on the Over the Hill Gang to his neighbors at Sandy Beach and beyond -- will miss him. 

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